Hello and welcome to my cultural travel blog!
My name is Zarina, a 40-year old Dutch expat in England. I was born in Amsterdam, grew up in the North of the Netherlands, reached adulthood in the South of the country and got married in London. Currently exploring the world with the UK as my home base.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

With each trip I take, I’m fortunate to turn another page of this fascinating book, forever expanding my worldview (and waistline). I started this blog so I could share these experiences with you through my (hopefully) entertaining and moving personal travel stories.

I wish I could be a carefree spirit with only my backpack as company, wandering off the beaten track. But truth be told, I’m a stickler for organisation and comfort.

Yet, even despite the best-laid plans I often find myself ending up in unexpected ‘adventures’. Like being stuck in a Singapore shopping centre for hours, desperately trying to find the exit – on several occasions.

Truman Track New Zealand hike // Done That Been There
A multi-day hike or 15-minute walk to a stunning viewing point?

Culture vulture

Although I find it soothing to immerse myself in nature, I’m a true culture vulture! Even on a road trip through New Zealand, driving from one natural beauty spot to another spectacular view, I still want to visit local museums, bookshops and record shops.

I love to roam through a neighbourhood, to get an insight into the local culture, even if just for a moment. That’s why I have given my Take Five articles a prominent place on my website. Here you find my Top 5 cultural recommendations for a travel destination, from my favourite bookshops to best local restaurants to sample the area’s cuisine.

Singapore hawker centre // Done That Been There
Blending in with the locals in search of the best food in Sinagpore

My idea of the perfect city trip?

Some people like to stroll down picturesque romantic lanes, whilst I find pleasure in seeking out street art in obscure derelict buildings. And whilst others enjoy relaxing on the beach, my idea of having a good time is photographing striking architecture and impressive landscapes or climbing up a steep hill (and regretting it halfway up).

Dunedin Baldwin Street // Done That Been There
By the time I reached the top of the steepest street in the world, Baldwin Street in Dunedin, New Zealand, I didn’t feel that ‘super’ as in this photo anymore…

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

I step into the world wide-eyed, with an open heart. I’m a flâneur who observes and absorbs, capturing my experiences in words and images here.

5 facts about Zarina:

  1. Studied English Language & Literature (Utrecht University) and Business Communication & Digital Media (Tilburg University).
  2. Has been living in England with her British hubby (and music composer) since 2012.
  3. Works as a (copy)writer and editor for Dutch publishing houses and international travel organisations.
  4. Is addicted to films and has a soft spot for the film noir genre.
  5. Would go on a city trip to Seville every year if possible.
Seville // Done That Been There
With my favourite travel buddy in my favourite city!

Still want more of me?

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