I don’t think there’s another city in the world that speaks more to the imagination than New York. It was the first American city I ever visited and it left me both excited and confused. Not being accustomed to so much high-rise, I found it disorienting to find my way across streets filled with skyscrapers. It was also a strange experience to be in a city I recognised from films and TV, but actually didn’t know at all. At times I felt like wandering through a gigantic film set.

On that first New York city trip I visited all the important tourist attractions and utterly exhausted myself. Luckily, I was far more relaxed on my second trip and took pleasure from photographing charming front doors. Here’s a very small selection of my New York photo albums from 2011 and 2014. It includes some sights that might not be there anymore unfortunately. (Looking at the date it is about time for me to go back again!)

Public artworks in New York City

Here on the left you see an enormous sculpture by KAWS. And right behind it lies the High Line. This long public garden follows the abandoned rail tracks that run over the old Meatpacking district. This photo was taken a few minutes before I spotted TV chef Anthony Bourdain and his filmcrew across the road! The sculpture is probably gone by now, but I do recommend going on the pleasant stroll along the High Line!

The photo on the right was taken in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, New York). You can see me photographing a mural by one of my favourite street artists, ROA. Over the years I’ve actually found quite some of his works whilst travelling, including during my street art city trip to the Spanish city of Málaga.

Random New York Snaps

Here are some random snaps of surprising and unusual sights that caught my eye whilst traversing through New York City, camera at hand.

Rainbow City is a colourful New York playground filled with huge blow-up bouncy figures
Rainbow City: New York playground
Waving American flags in front of the Rockefeller Center
The American flags are waving proudly in front of the iconic Rockefeller Center

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A NYPD police car that is almost as small as a golf cart
This tiny police car almost looks too cute to intimidate naughty people, don’t you think?
Sculpture of Alice in Wonderland in Central Park New York
This sculpture of Alice in Wonderland stands in Central Park, New York

Have you ever been to New York? How did you experience it? Did you find everything was indeed bigger and more overwhelming than back home? Share your thoughts in a comment below!
Thanks, Zarina xx

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